Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween Recap (i.e. a cross-dressing extravaganza)

Halloween 2010 was filled with fun...and a lot of scariness. Heather and Chad ran the Halloween 1/2 Marathon in Provo and Heather thought it would be funny if they went as the Princess and the Frog; Chad as the princess and Heather as the frog. There were some confused kids along the course that had never seen a pretty blonde princess with a beard. One little girl started to cry. Princess and the Frog crossing the finish line
Chad as the princess, Heather as the frog, and Jordie as the hottest girl in the world

The evening brought even more blonde wigs and scariness. There seems to have been some sort of fascination with the movie Labyrinth and David Bowie in our household over the last few months. As a result, Chad dressed up as Jareth the Goblin King and Garrett played the part of Toby, the little boy he kidnaps in the movie. We couldn't convince Jordan to dress up and play the part of Ludo. Props to Jordan and Val for assembling such a great (freightening) costume.

"Dance magic dance"

Garrett, a.k.a. Toby, was fascinated by my crystal orb

Ladies, don't act like you're not impressed

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  1. I am totally impressed--That movie is awesome. It takes a real man to dress like the Goblin King. And a princess. In the same day.