Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas (and then some)...

Merry Christmas everybody!!!  We've had a very busy month or so since our last post.  Here is a quick photo recap and a short video of Christmas morning with Garrett...

We fried turkey for Thanksgiving and stuffed ourselves silly.  Heather provided the turkey hat.
We went and cheered Troy on in his last home football game of his college career.  We are proud of him for graduating and for letting us be a part of his football life.  We have loved watching him play and will miss it.

We visited Santa Claus and Garrett was having none of it.
 I really liked this picture of Heather and my Dad on Christmas morning
 Heather rocking out on Garrett's Elmo guitar
 Uncle Troy came through with the sporting goods for Garrett giving him a baseball glove/baseball and a football
Mom looking comfy
How 'bout a little brotherly love.  I'm pretty sure Troy farted on my leg.
Santa brought Garrett a (manly) playhouse for Christmas complete with a gas pump and a basketball hoop.  He loves it and will undoubtedly spend hours in it with and without Otis. 


for those who might not know yet, Jordie is knocked up again.  She is due about the middle of June.


  1. Merry Christmas! I like Garrett's house--the kids are gonna love that this summer and they requested that Otis play too!

  2. Good times :) Thanks for sharing the Elmo Guitar pic...I was hoping to keep that under wraps. I should stop doing stupid things.

  3. CONGRATS!!! So happy for you guys!