Tuesday, October 5, 2010

St. George Marathon & Dirty Dash

We have been involved in a couple different races over the past few weeks. Jordie and I both did the inaugural Dirty Dash and had a great time. It was Jordan's first race and she did awesome especially considering she had to run most of the 6.2 miles carrying 25 lbs of mud on each foot. I also ran the St. George marathon last Saturday and despite the heat, posted a marathon PR of 3:48. A big shout out to both of my sisters who ran with me and also both posted PR's. We all had a lot of fun and then spent the rest of the day at Troy's SUU football game.

Me, Missy, and Heather at the start of the marathon

It was a HOT day but a fun race. I was pleased with my overall time

Garrett always has a great time at the football games and even more fun on the field afterwards

Troy is either excited about a play he just made or he really wants the water girls attention

Missy didn't have as much fun (she is wearing Troy's helmet on the bottom of the "pile")

The mud pit at the end of the Dirty Dash

Super long slip n' slide...I went down backwards

Jordie hopping over one of the first wall obstacles

Our team was the Dashin 'Staches...pretty dirty (and I'm not talking about the mud)

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  1. Nice work on the run, Chad...maybe next year I can keep up with you :)