Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world! I couldn't ask for a better companion to love and take care of me. I think we can all agree that Chad makes life more fun and interesting.

He is the best father, despite what he might tell you, and our boys absolutely adore him!

He is our hero in every way.

We love you Chaddie! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa

Happy birthday Dad/Papa!!!  We hope you have a great day.

Grandpa finally gets a grandkid to play with whenever he wants.  Garrett loves hanging out with Papa

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Luke...I Am Your Father

Lucas William Bunting was born at 1:32 PM on Friday, June 17th. He weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz, was just under 21" long, and has HUGE feet. Both Jordie and Luke are doing awesome.

As we were sorting through the pictures of the day, we realized that we don't have very many of Luke.  We'll post more pictures in the days ahead.  We were lucky to have a professional film crew from IHC (three cameras/cameramen) recording the ENTIRE event. 
I was fully prepared to deliver the baby if needed...
...but, we deferred to the incredibly talented, wonderful, and photogenic Dr. Kathryn Walker.
Are we ready to have this kid???  I think so!

Jordie did awesome and only had to push a few times.  Not that I have anything to compare it to personally, but the labor/delivery seemed to be pretty easy.  A big thanks to Dr. Walker and our CNA Rachael at Alta View Hospital.  They were incredible and helped make it an enjoyable day.  More photos forthcoming here and on Facebook.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart!  Nine years ago today (10:20 a.m. to be exact) we were married and I couldn't have asked for a better companion.  Jordan is my best friend and I don't think there is anyone else more perfect for me.  I love that we can just sit and do nothing and be totally happy.  She puts up with all of my crap (there's a LOT) and loves me for who I am.  She is the most supportive wife ever and I couldn't imagine spending my life with anybody else.  Nine years, one apartment, two houses, many cars, one dog, one kid (VERY soon to be two), countless vacations, multiple jobs (Jordie's got the best one now), lots of races, TONS of laughs, and a few tears...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Two Classy Ladies!!!

A big happy birthday to our two favorite sisters and aunts in the world.  Missy and Heather are both so much fun and have such great personalities.  We love you guys and hope you have a great day!

 Heather looks awesome...even when she's stachin' it
Close up of Missy's pain.  I think she is enjoying it.

 Missy thinks she gets picked on...I call it payback (that's Miss at the bottom of the pile)
Two of the best sisters/aunts anyone could ask for

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jordie turns the big 3-0!!!

Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world.  Jordan is such an incredible wife, mother, and friend.  Garrett, Otis, and I don't know what we would do without her.  Jordan...

 Looks fantastic when she's pregnant...
  Is the best travel partner in the whole world...
 Is one of the best Ghostbusters I know...
 Looks great with a mustache...
Is a FANTASTIC mom...
Is a great sport...she got SCUBA certified with me even though she doesn't really like it and was convinced that I was going to turn off her oxygen while diving at the Great Barrier Reef...
 Is an incredible athlete (soccer, skiing, softball, baby wrangling, etc.)...
 Can lounge on the beach like nobody's business...
 Isn't afraid of scary Mexican bus stops...

Is the best race supporter/photographer ever (she hasn't missed a single one of my races).  She stayed up all night the night before to make these t-shirts for Team Iron Turkey and was still at the starting line at 6:00 the next morning...

Is my everything.

We love you Jordie and hope you have a great 30th birthday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garrett's Birthday Festivities

We had a great two day celebration for Garrett's second birthday.  We had family over for a bbq, cake, and presents.  Thanks to all of our family for making the trek all the way out to Herriman.  We are so lucky to have so much fanily so close to help raise our little man.
Garrett really likes "Cars" right now as evidenced by his choice of cake

Garrett made quite the haul...I guess that happens when you are the only grandchild in the state
Blowing out the candles
Quite the smile from our suddenly photogenic little friend
Some of our friends joined us at the Classic Fun Zone for round two of the festivites.  We had a great time on the blow up toys, "playing" arcade games, and eating greasy pizza and donuts.  There was also some REALLY good people watching.  Thanks to our friends for coming along and a special thanks to Craig for driving all the way down from Midway for the fun.

Garrett and Ty actually got the skee-balls to come out so they could throw them around