Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to Catch Up

We've been pretty slack in our updates this summer. We've enjoyed a full plate of parties, BBQ's, Lake Powell, bike rides, and much more. Here is a quick recap of some of the events and pictures of our summer.
Craig, Summer, Heather, Jordie, and I all did the Tour de Donut. Sadly enough, Heather and Jordan soundly out-ate me. I was the only one that didn't feel like garbage afterwards though.

Even during the summer break, someone has to work.
Jordie and Garrett at "This is the Place" park. Garrett is obviously done.
Grandma Patti and Garrett

Grandma Val, Missy, and the kids at "This is the Place." We've been lucky to have Missy and the kids visiting from Chicago this month.

Garrett loved the slip-n-slide

The fireworks show spectators...Heather isn't impressed

At least someone seems to be enjoying the lame Utah fireworks

Missy the sparkle princess

My brother Bilo really enjoys sparklers

And...we're out

Sometimes, Garrett pretends that he likes me

Four generations of Bunting hotness

**Disclaimer** We went to Lake Powell in June and it never seems to go as planned. In the last few years, we've had truck tire blowouts, broken water pumps, houseboats floating away (twice), sleeping in strangers basements. Now we can add a blowout on the boat tralier and starting a brush fire to the list of exciting activities.

Filling out the incident report with the fire chief. "Sorry for setting your weeds on fire."

Relaxing on the houseboat

This should be on a postcard

The Pastor just happened to have a generator on a trailer hooked up to his 4-wheeler and an imapct wrench. Saved a lot of time. Thanks fellas! Danny appreciated the ride back to his trailer.

Very helpful residents. This was even after we tried to start their "park" on fire .


  1. Nice catch-up post-glad to be a part of it!

  2. Looks like you guys have had a great summer. Garrett is getting so big.