Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marathon Week

With only 4 days left until the St. George Marathon, I thought it was appropriate to re-visit the debacle that was the Top of Utah Marathon last year. As many of you know, I had a little bit of an issue finishing my first marathon last fall (body shutting down at mile 14, passing out, concussion, etc.). However, I still managed to finish the race (with some help from Heather and my brother-in-law Paul), and in a respectable time given the fact that I took a lovely hour-long nap/break at mile 26. Here are a few pics of the event...
Yeah for the paramedics (wanted me to take an ambulance ride)
Thanks Heather and Paul Finish line...apparantly the last .2 miles will get ya'
Chad's not with us right now
This is the most normal picture from my marathon experience. Hopefully, St. George will yield a little better result.


  1. You can do it! And hey, Heather and Paul will be there just in case!

  2. You're never gonna make it! Scratch that...you're definitely gonna make it!

  3. so........any gutter naps this time around???