Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

We took a trip to the zoo on Memorial Day and had about as much fun as humanly possible. The weather was perfect and the people watching was even better. I think the kids liked the animals in the cages and the adults were amused by those that weren't in their cages...
Sometimes, this is how Jordan wakes me up too
Baby elephant being sat on
Ridin' the rhino - we're going to get one in our backyard
Very nice ladies, very nice...
Apparently, he is about the right size for a gorilla
Aunt Heather and Garrett by the giraffes (the giraffe didn't cooperate but the two guys in the background did)
Checking out the ostrich's
Yelling at the elephants


  1. Fun times! Thanks for letting me tag along!

  2. Let's all go to the zoo when we come out! Five kids yelling at elephants would be way fun! You guys need to post pictures more--we want to see Garrett walking!