Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our posts come in bunches

Otis has been great with Garrett in spite of all the chaos. Notice the food on Otis' can still get a little wild around food time.
A brief (very brief) case of narcolepsy.
Garrett has been crawling around at light speed for quite some time now (including a trip down the stairs). He also is very adept at pulling himself up and standing. You can see what he chooses to do with his new found skills.
Now that Jordan stays at home with Garrett full time, she is able to capture cute moments like this.
Hopefully this doesn't count as child pornography
Unloading the sled for a little snowmobiling with some friends. It was quite a scene getting it ON the trailer...just ask Jordie.
Jordie at the base of Tower Mountain. Might have made it to the top if she was facing the right way.
One of our finer pictures. I probably should've left my helmet on.


  1. I love Garrett's adventures with toilet paper--kids never tire of that one!

  2. Did Otis eventually find the food on his ear and gobble it up?