Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend. This was Garretts first (obviously), and I'm not sure how much fun he really had. A big thanks to Grandma Val for the fantastic Slimer costume.
Not just a costume my friends...he actually slimes
Garrett (Slimer) and Ty (Dragon) wonder kids hate their parents. I think this might constitute child abuse...
Jordie and her Slimer Jordie and I had to do a little ghost bustin'

We all had a great time at the Kartchners party and then trick-or-treating on Halloween. I can't say that Garrett really enjoyed his first Halloween. He had to do all the work but didn't end up with any of the candy.

We also took a lovely day-trip down to Cedar City on Halloween to watch Troy and SUU play UC Davis.
Garrett, Jordie, and Grandma Val
Garrett went in disguise
Troy (#46 in black) setting the defense


  1. I love the Ghostbuster theme costumes! Nice work!

  2. Did Val make that??!!
    Sorry we missed the party, but we couldn't have done any better than Ghost I'm sort of glad.
    Miss you guys, let's get together.

  3. Cute photos! Garrett cracks me up.